Monday, November 10, 2008

In the Garden of Eden, Baby!

When we lived at 27 W 27 Street we'd shop at the Garden of Eden on 23rd Street. It's small by Key Foods and Whole Foods standards but was big enough. Their roast chickens were awesome. You could have one of those over arugula and voila, delish meal. The roommates used to sing "In the Garden of Eden" to the tune to "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." I have since found out that the song was originally supposedly "In the Garden of Eden" anyway. I've since learned the meaning of the word mondegreen.
The Garden of Eden isn't typical of a supermarket, it doesn't have that tile floor, lots of steel shelves look. Instead there are baskets hanging from the ceiling, nice lighting, lots of wood and a very helpful cheese monger.
Whole Foods moved into the neighborhood but so far The Garden of Eden persists. Its roast chickens thrash the Whole Foods ones and the lines tend to be shorter.


Byron said...

Hey, what happened to ice wine or ice cream or indigo pudding? Didn't these emails get to you? I call a do-over. You're better than this (though thank you for introducing me to Lady Mondegreen).

Homer said...

"I" was tough. Ice wine, iceleandic cooking, ice cream, all good ones. Preshiate. Writing it brought back the memories of the roast chicken from the Garden of Eden, how its juices were a perfect complement to the baby arugula salad. It reminded me of when I first started cooking in earnest. Started off with rice and beans at 27 W 27. Black beans, rice, smokey cheese - will do "I" again when I loop back through the alphabet.