Thursday, October 21, 2010

White Bean Chicken Chili

Stainless Steel Pot - got this at an auction.
Eureka Joe's was my favorite writing spot in NYC. Now it's a BCBG.
Two of my favorite tools for making chili.
I start out by putting garlic and onions in the pot.

Meanwhile, the chicken - legs & thighs.

Green peppers and chipotles.
More peppers - white beans are a food canvas waiting
for a splash of color.

A bunch of cannellini beans.

A little something something to counteract the acidity -
much more necessary when cooking with tomatoes
but I just love telling people there's NEK syrup in there.
Jalapenos and a somewhat hot red pepper - I didn't
catch their name at the farmers market.

White Bean Chicken Chili.

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